Tesori D' Oro $295.00

Pure gold from start to finish. Our gorgeous gold basket adorned with a rich gold-tipped ribbon is picked with 24-karat quality. Estate bottled, best of "crop" extra-virgin olive oil in a numbered bottle and high quality aged balsamic vinegar in a stylish decanter, share the spotlight with Caciotta al Tartufo truffle cheese (a rich Umbrian table cheese made from the finest Italian truffles) and a healthy wedge of Italy's king of cheese - Parmigiano Reggiano. Savory porcini mushrooms packed in olive oil accompany large marinated Sicilian olives stuffed with almonds, scrumptious sun-dried tomatoes stuffed with tuna and capers, absolutely delicious artichoke pate` and zesty Calabrian cherry peppers stuffed with a mixture of tuna, anchovies and capers in extra virgin olive oil. And for a sweet farewell: Parma's specialty dessert - Spongata (pastry made from fruit jams, honey, toasted almonds, pine nuts, mixed spices, etc.) along with a bar of the classic Italian confection - Torrone, a handsome bottle of preserved cherries in Grand Marnier liquor, a fine selection of luxurious tea cookies, fabulous assorted chocolate pralines and finally, a delightful jar of assorted nuts and raisins in Acacia organic honey. A spectacular assortment that's sure to dazzle.

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