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The Giuseppe Giusti family of Modena have been making balsamic vinegar since 1605 in the same building, with the same barrels of their ancestors. Giusti, the oldest, most rewarded and most prestigious producer of this elixir is reported to have made balsamic to impress kings and emperors in the 1700s. It was was such a precious item that it was mainly given as gifts in the past, and was only sold in a commercial way since the 1960s.

The late, great tenor Luciano Pavarotti, who also is a native of Modena, had approached his friends at the Giusti company to create a gift that he can be proud to give to friends and family for the Holidays. What was designed is this beautiful wooden gift box with an assortment of 10 bottles of aged balsamics ranging from 6 years to 12 years old, a unique and one of a kind assortment. A gift to most certainly impress any food aficionado.

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